You may have noticed that there’s no place to comment on the posts here. I hope I remember to always turn that function off, because I have no desire to hang around at Free Radical Maine to referee yet another Internet mud wrestling free-for-all—which is what, in my observation, unmonitored (or not) sites usually turn into. I just want to leave my posts here for people to contemplate or whatever, and then go do something else. God knows I already spend enough time at the computer.


However, almost everybody likes to mix it up sometimes, including me (some would say especially me), so I want people to have that option. That’s why I’ve set up a Free Radical Maine Facebook page, where I’ll be posting all my original blog entries for public comment, as well as links to other articles FRM readers might find interesting, along with my own occasional brief comments.


The advantage to me of using Facebook for commenting is that, if I’m on the computer, I’ll get a notification when somebody says something, so I can zap anything ugly in the crib. Which brings me to the second issue.


The comment policy is: if I don’t like something, like gratuitous insults or rank bigotry, I’ll disappear it as soon as I see it. I don’t mind passion, a necessary element in any realistic political dialogue—that is, one where something is actually at stake. And I actually enjoy non-gratuitous insults sometimes, especially when they’re laced with humor and empathy. But like art, I know ugliness when I see it, and it won’t be tolerated at Free Radical Maine.


Finally, if you want to be notified when a new FRM post goes online, you can either “Like” the FRM Facebook page, or click on the “Follow” button in the lower right corner here at the site. Or just to make sure, you can do both, so you’re guaranteed to read every scintillating word.