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Free Radical Maine is the blog of Michael (Mike) Hasty, a lifelong activist, writer, musician and carpenter.

Nonviolent Guerrilla Operations in the Overthrow of the Deep State

[Editor’s note: There was a note attached to this “submission,” which said, “This is an absurdist riff on cognitive dissonance. I don’t expect you or any of your literalist lefty loser friends who delude yourselves into thinking you’re the reality-based … Continue reading

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Top Secret Update

This is a message to an exclusive and top secret list of my friends (I mean all of you. Don’t worry about your exposure here–well, to the NSA, of course. I’m sure everyone on this list is politically sophisticated enough … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Afghanistan an issue in the presidential campaign?

(This op-ed was supposed to appear in the Opinion section of today’s (9/18/16) Portsmouth Herald, but didn’t. It’s now the common intellectual property of humanity. Post and share as widely as you want, as long as you give credit to … Continue reading

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Drugs and the US Deep State

This is the text of a talk I gave at the Portsmouth NH library on September 7, 2016. The Portsmouth Herald article the next day was headlined, “Activist alleges links between CIA, drug epidemic.” In parenthetical footnotes, ADS refers to … Continue reading

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Drugs and the Deep State

This is the press release for a talk I’m giving in Portsmouth tonight, sent out last week, and as of this morning, still absent from any local paper.     Does the US government itself bear some responsibility for the … Continue reading

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From Selma to Charleston

In light of the tragedies of last week, and the continued strength of the Black Lives Matter movement, I thought I’d republish an essay I wrote last year for the Peace and Justice Crier, an annual publication of New England … Continue reading

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Toward revolution

With the end of the presidential primary season, what was also mercifully halted was the media holding pattern over the last weeks of the campaign. Every week’s post-primary talking-head blather about the Democratic race ended up circling the same drain—into … Continue reading

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